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Mosta Dome

Malta boasts the third largest unsupported dome in the world and is dedicated to the Assumption,which has its feast celebrations’ August 15. DuringWorld War Two the church was nearly destroyed when a bomb pierced the dome of the church but failed to explode.
The detonator was removed immediately and a replica bomb is now displayed as a memorial. the rotunda was designed by Georg Grognet de Vasse, a French citizen but who resided in Mosta. The residents in Mosta, at that time totalling 1500, built this amazing church with their own hands, taking them 27 years to complete. Grognet chose a type of stone and insisted on having one slab from each quarry operating on the islands,testing each for durability and eventually choosing a quarry in mosta. The stone of the Rotunda looks at its best bathed in the setting sun when it takes on a peachy golden hue - an artists dream if caught on canvas....

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