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Cities in Malta

Valletta — the capital, named for Jean Parisot de la Valette, a French nobleman who was Grand Master of the Order of St. John and leader of the defenders during the Turkish siege of Malta in 1565.

Buġibba - A holiday resort area packed with life and fun for all ages.

Cottonera (Three Cities) — The name used when referring to the three historic and ancient cities of Birgu (aka Vittoriosa), Isla (aka Senglea) and Bormla (aka Cospicua), three towns conglomerated by 16th century fortifications called the Cottonera lines.

Marsaxlokk — fishing village south of the island

Marsaskala — an enchanting promenade ensures you a pleasant evening here

Mdina — Malta's well-preserved quiet old capital. pronounced 'im-dina'

Mosta - A lovely city with a great domed church stepped in history


Rabat — hosts numerous historical attractions such as St. Paul's catacombs and the Roman VillaQormi - a city in central Malta where there are still several old traditional bakeries.

Saint Julians — perfect area for nightlife & entertainment

San Gwann

Sliema — shopping centre just north of Valletta

Other Destinations

Hagar Qim and Mnajdra - Two very beautiful stone age temples set on the cliffside of south west Malta. Their majesty has now been marred by protective tents and a 2 storey new building nearby.

Mellieħa - A locality in Malta surrounded by the largest and some of the most wonderful sandy beaches on the Islands

Golden Bay - One of Malta's most beautiful sandy beaches, on the northwest coast of the island.

Għajn Tuffieha - "Long Steps Bay", just behind Golden Bay. Just as beautiful, but less crowded during the high season.

Blue Grotto - A series of seven caves and inlets on the southern side of Malta famous for deep blue waters and spectacular natural rock formations. The Blue Grotto may be accessed by small traditional boats,
skippered by cheerful Maltese guides, which leave from a well-signposted pier just off the main road along the south coast.

Clapham Junction - An area of western central Malta (not far from Buskett woods) where deep ruts in the bedrock appear to have been formed in the remote past by wagons or carts. Some of these ruts cross rock-cut punic tombs, proving that the ruts existed before the tombs. In the vicinity there are large caves which used to be inhabited by troglodites.

St.Thomas Bay - A quaint inlet, 1km beyond Marsaskala, with a sloping, built up area on one side, and barren Munxar white cliffs on the other. There are 2 small sandy beaches ideal for swimming in summer. Beneath Munxar there is now a 'window' at the cliffside. Beyond Munxar Point there are amazing, very high, white cliffs, with 2 large and deep caves in them. Many amateur fishermen own boathouses in the vicinity and go fishing whenever the sea is calm.

Getting Around

Maltese Bus - Old Service Finished in July 2011

One of Malta's joys (at least in small doses) is the wonderfully antiquated public bus system, consisting of 1950s-era exports from Britain usually kitted up with more chintz than a Christmas tree plus icons of every saint in the Bible and then some (as well as new chinese buses -king long-). Fares are very cheap and even the longest ride across the island costs less than €1.30; the only catch is that almost all buses radiate out from Valletta, so you may have to detour back to the capital to reach your next destination. A short question - "To Valletta?" - to the driver when you get on will help you confirm your ending destination.

The only problem there might be is the smouldering heat during the summer but a typical bus ride is only around 20 minutes so it should be fine. A typical bus fare is €0.47 so do not expect to give €20 to change as you will probably be denied a bus fare (with good reason), so be ready with reasonable change when getting on a bus.

Also, most buses usually stop running around 21.30 - 22.00. So make sure you have an alternate means of transport for evening journeys. There is, of course, the exception of a Friday or Saturday night out in Paceville (ONLY LEAVING PACEVILLE)- there are buses leaving at 00.00, 01.30 and 03.00. Most of these are 'direct' routes so make sure you know the number for your destination.

New Service

From July 2011, the new service started and is run by Arrive in Malta, they offer new style busses and air-conditioning!


Malta's white taxis are a ravenous lot and fares are quite expensive. These are the ones you can pick you up off the street. They have meters that are uniformly ignored, figure on €15 for short hops and not much more than €30 for a trip across the island.

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